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X lab., Inc. develops content that everyone agrees with.
We are developing contents and services using intellectual property rights. Through character
licensing business and mobile-based digital content service,
we are entering various business fields.


Character License

We are in the process of licensing business using our own intellectual property rights.

Digital content development

We develop mobile-based educational apps and casual game apps.

Emoticon / Sticker Development

We make emoticons and stickers using cute characters.

Design development

CI / BI design, character design, video design,
Create illustrations.


2014. 10.
Established X lab., Inc.

2016. 01.
Established an affiliated research institute

2016. 08.
Floaty Ballon casual game released

2016. 10.
Floaty Balloon Apple Global Feature

2017. 12.
Find Me! Educational app released

2018. 05.
Find Me! Achieved Apple Global Feature!

2019. 04.
China Dazzle interactive publishing contract

2019. 05.
Just Fun! 5 casual games released

2020. 03.
Cogul Planet 'Character Heaven' enters the character license market